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About us

Flex Cargo Bulgaria

Flex Cargo Bulgaria Ltd is part of the Flying Cargo Group and operating on the Bulgarian market since 1997.

Flex Cargo Bulgaria Ltd. has full country coverage. The head office is located in the capital - Sofia.

The next office office is located in the second largest city in Bulgaria - Plovdiv

Active representatives are working for FlexCargo in Bourgas, Varna, Sliven, Pleven, Rousse, Blagoevgrad, Veliko Tarnovo, Gabrovo, Stara Zagora, Kardjali.

Flex Cargo Bulgaria Ltd is an international forwarding agent who provides worldwide service in air, ocean, rail and road transportation.

We are giving big importance to our long run relationships with our customers by offering business logistical solutions having an independent network of freight forwarding agents in the world.

Our mission is to maintain the highest level of quality in our personal service and to always exceed our customers expectations.

Our Network

Flex Cargo’s own network, fleet and staff lie at the core of our business, but to ensure we’re strategically positioned to support our customers with end-to-end global logistics solutions, we're continually developing our worldwide partner network.

So far we are present in over 100 countries around the globe.

Information about us
“Flex Cargo Bulgaria” Ltd (Flex Cargo and/or the Administrator), is a company registered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency with UIC 200253614, registered office and registered address. The registered office and registered address of the company is 1592, Sofia, 1592 Cargo Cargo Str. Tel: 02 942 94 94; e-mail: privacy@flexcargo-bg.com
Contact information for Flex Cargo, regarding the protection of our customers’ personal data
“Flex Cargo Bulgaria Ltd.
g. Sofia 1111, ul. IZTOCHNA TANGENTA No 100
email: privacy@flexcargo-bg.com
Our attitude towards your personal data
Flex Cargo attaches great importance to the protection of personal data and is committed to complying with data protection laws. The purpose of this policy is to inform you what personal data we would collect about you, for what purpose, for how long and what your rights are.
The security of the data you entrust to us is very important to us. We therefore protect your data by implementing all appropriate technical and organisational means at our disposal to prevent unauthorised access, unauthorised or malicious use, loss or premature deletion of information.
This “Privacy Policy” aims to explain to you how and why we process your personal data.
What information we collect
We may collect personal data about you when you use our Site or select our services. In most cases, you provide us with this information yourself by choosing and agreeing to send us information about yourself, and in other cases we require your personal data to comply with a legal obligation, to enter into a contract or to protect our legitimate interest. Without this data, we could not provide the relevant services. If you do not provide us with identification data, we could not enter into a contract with you for a product or service. Depending on the services you use, we may collect and process the following information about you:
Standard personal data such as: names, delivery address, telephone number and e-mail address.
With regard to the powers of attorney to be drawn up for customs representation: names, PIN, ID card details, alien ID number, address, date of birth, nationality, contact telephone number, e-mail address, etc.
Other data related to pre-contractual or contractual relationships, including:
Other feedback in the form of electronic correspondence we receive from you;
social media account details, contact details,
username, password (when registering on Flex Cargo’s website or other similar service that Flex Cargo provides through contractors);
video recordings that are made for the purpose of improving workplace security at Flex Cargo;
other personal data provided by you or a third party when entering into or during the term of a contract with Flex Cargo, in particular: full name, telephone number and address.
The purpose of processing your data.
We process the personal data we collect for the purpose of:
In relation to the services on the Site: to contact us and make a request for the courier services we provide.
Any personal data you voluntarily provide to us will be used for the provision of courier services.
Who we share your information with:
Flex Cargo uses third parties to support certain contractual activities or in the performance of a legal obligation. We do not provide your personal data to third parties until we have satisfied ourselves that all technical and organisational measures have been taken to protect that data and we endeavour to implement strict controls to fulfil this purpose.
Some of the recipients of personal data may be:
Cargo agents, courier agents, sub-contractors, external consultants and specialists, collection companies and law firms, security companies, persons who on assignment maintain equipment, software and hardware used for processing personal data by Flex Cargo, hosting companies, sales agents, etc.
The provision of personal data is in some cases mandatory in order to comply with our legal requirements, such as:
Ministry of Transport, Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Ministry of Interior, NRA, NSSI, NHIF, Municipalities, Customs Agency, Courts, Prosecutor’s Office, various regulatory authorities and bodies, institutions and others to whom we are obliged to provide personal data under applicable law;
Use of cookies on the Site
Flex Cargo does not collect or process personal data through the functional cookies used by the Company.
Processing of anonymised data
We process your data for static purposes, this means for analyses in which the results are only aggregated and the data is therefore anonymised. It is impossible to identify a specific person from this information.
Why and how we use automated algorithms
We do not use automated decision-making tools.
Flex Cargo, takes measures to protect your personal data from accidental loss and unauthorized access, use, alteration or disclosure. Policies and procedures are in place designed to protect information from loss, misuse and unauthorized disclosure. In addition, we take additional information security measures, including access controls, strong physical security, and robust information collection, storage, and processing practices.
On the other hand, we implement technical measures such as encryption, pseudonymization, and anonymization of collected personal data.
When we delete your personal data
We keep all the information we have collected about you for up to 5 years from the provision of the courier service, or for the periods provided for in applicable law to protect our interests.
We might also keep your personal data until the final settlement of all financial relationships as well as legal and administrative proceedings.
Your data may also be anonymised, i.e. the link between the data and you will be deleted. Anonymisation is an alternative to data erasure. For anonymised data there is no statutory obligation to delete as it does not constitute personal data.
Transfer between countries
The transfer, storage and processing of personal data is secured by modern technical means. Flex Cargo will not transfer your data outside of the EEA without complying with the legal possibilities, and will put in place appropriate safeguards to keep your information confidential. Most commonly, Flex Cargo will transfer your personal data outside the EEA for the sole purpose of fulfilling a contractual obligation to deliver a shipment.
Access, correction and withdrawal
At any time, you can ask Flex Cargo to provide you with information about the personal data that has been collected and stored about you. You may also request Flex Cargo to correct, delete or update such personal data. Flex Cargo also provides your right to object to and restrict the processing of personal data, as well as your rights in automated decision-making.
You may withdraw your consent to the collection, storage and use of your personal data in relation to Flex Cargo at any time. However, the withdrawal will not affect the lawfully processed data until the withdrawal.
Some of your rights, such as erasure of data or objection to processing, may be limited by applicable law.
Requests for access to information or rectification must be made in person or by a person expressly authorised by you, by means of a notarised power of attorney. An application may also be made electronically, in accordance with the Electronic Document and Electronic Signature Act.
We inform you that under the current legislation you also have the right to complain about the way your data is processed to the supervisory authority, the Commission for Personal Data Protection, Sofia 1592, 1592, Sofia Blvd. “Prof. 2 Tsvetan Lazarov or www.cpdp.bg.
Changes to this Privacy Policy
This Privacy Policy may be amended from time to time. Such changes will be effective immediately upon their disclosure. Regularly reviewing this page ensures that you will always be aware of what information we collect, how and for what purposes Flex Cargo uses it, and under what circumstances (if any) we will share it with other parties.
If you have any questions about data protection, you can contact Flex Cargo:
Gr. If you have any questions about Cargo Cargo, please contact. No. 100, IZTOCHNA TANGENTA
email: privacy@flexcargo-bg.com
Tel: 02 942 94 94
This Privacy Policy was last updated on 25.05.2018.

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